In Response to COVID-19 and Recent Earthquakes

The proverbial ox may be in the mire; but, as structural engineers, we know how to define problems, analyze options, and provide solutions. In one day, we managed the impact of the earthquake (no phones or internet), helped clients evaluate the stability of their buildings, and implemented office-wide COVID-19 protocols for telecommuting. This test truly challenged our chops and demonstrated how skilled and resourceful people can be when faced with adversity.
The outpouring of support from our families, employees, clients, communities, and friends has spruced up our perspective on what is truly important in our business and the role we play in this world. We will get through this, as we have before with other major challenges; and, we will all come out on the other side stronger, better, more resilient, and compassionate as we help one another both professionally and personally.
Our technology has allowed us to telecommute our services, engage through online meetings, and do what is necessary to keep business running as smoothly as possible. We encourage our clients, family, and friends to share their insights on what they have learned works well in this uncharted territory.
We are confident that this will be a transient hurdle that we all are scaling. When we reach the other side, whoa Nelly, watch out! Because we will continue to succeed and be even stronger for the next challenge that comes our way!
Thank you, dear colleagues and friends. We are truly fortunate to have you to weather this storm together.